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structured data couse info

As we know that Google always brings some new updates for the convenience of its visitors and webmasters, but this time Google has brought an update for its webmasters, whose name is Course Info Structured Data in which the webmaster By using this structured data in your web listing, you can increase more traffic to your website, but this is only for courses or educators’ websites. If you also want to know about course info structured data, then by clicking on this link you can read the entire article of Google. You can easily view it and use it in your website or listing.

Verifying and monitoring your structured data with Search Console

To help its webmasters, Google is also adding a new section in Google Search Console which will be named structured data with Search Console. This course information shows valid and invalid structured data items for pages that contain structured data, and shows issues where the items are invalid. You can use reports to debug, fix, and verify your structured data problems.

Additionally, you can easily use the Rich Results Test in the Search Console to test the validity of your course information markup by submitting the URL of a webpage or code snippet into the Search Console. Using the tool, you can instantly confirm whether your markup is valid without waiting for the rich results report to update.

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