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Bounce Rate in Universal Analytics 

Google Analytics plays a huge role in digital marketing and SEO (search engine optimization). In Universal analytics, you can see the bounce rate by going to the audience overview as shown below

Bounce Rate in Googe Analytics 4 | GA4

But in Google Analytics 4, you have to change some settings to check the bounce rate, as we will see step by step in the photo below.

Click the engagement section and then click the page and screen

  1. Engagement
  2. Page and screen:
  3. Then click the edit button on customized reports

After clicking on customized, scroll down to the search icon below.

  1. Search bounce rate in search box
  2. Then Apply
  3. And click save above (As Required)

The last step is to see the bounce rate

  1. Click the again Engagement section
  2. Page and Screen
  3. scroll the mouse to the left
  4. See bounce rate add-in your report section
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